Not sure what to do in a situation then we have some answers to common questions right here. Alarm Monitoring is an essential tool for managing your Alarm System and often issues seem to be more complicated then they need to be. Please select the FAQ that best fits your situation and review our answer. If this information is not sufficient please call us for further support.

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What is a Loneworker Alarm111 Account?

A Loneworker Alarm111 Account gives you the security of knowing that help is close at hand with just the shake of your cell phone or other internet capable device. If you work alone or meet with people in places that you are not familiar with your surroundings or the people, Loneworker Alarm111 lets you have the ability to summon help by activating the app.
Email our
Helpdesk or call connection co-ordinator on 09-3030303 or if you are a new customer register here

Where can I buy a Loneworker Alarm111 system?

Email our Helpdesk or call connection co-ordinator on 09-3030303 or if you are a new customer register here

How does a Loneworker account work?

Loneworker Alarm111 is an app that you download on to your cell phone or internet capable device. Once setup, you can ARM your app and then if you need help, either push a button on the screen or simply shake your phone or device. Our Monitoring Staff will contact you straight away to determine what assistance you need.
You will also be contacted should you exceed your predetermined meeting time.

How do I get connected to the Alarm New Zealand Loneworker Monitoring Service?

Email our Helpdesk or call connection co-ordinator on 09-3030303 or if you are a new customer register here

What happens if you can no longer get internet connectivity?

If you need to use your Loneworker Alarm111 in areas where you have no coverage you can add a Garmin inReach device and link this to your Alarm111 app. If you activate your panic on the Garmin, this will alert our Monitoring Operators to your situation.

What happens if I don’t have my device within reach and I need to activate my panic?

You can add a v-button wristband to the Alarm111 App so you can activate the alarm by pressing and holding the button for 1 second or more.

Or you could add a Fitbit style bracelet and if you move 5+ metres away from your phone and if the APP is Armed this level of separation will send an alarm.

How will you find me if I activate my Panic and need Help?

Alarm111 uses the handsets location services (GPS) to locate you. As this is an essential part of the service it is important to ensure that Location Services are enabled during your work hours. If disabled, Alarm111 will alert you to turn it back on.

What happens when I am away on holiday?

Your Loneworker Alarm111 app will work anywhere you have cell phone connectivity. You can still use it while on holiday.

If you are outside of New Zealand, you will need to update our Monitoring Operators of any new contact number and instructions to following should you activate your alarm.

When is the best time to get my alarm checked?

Anytime you are concerned that your Loneworker Alarm111 system may not be working correctly please call our Helpdesk on 09-3030303 to arrange a test with you.
Alternately, you can check your Log on your phone. You will see your recent activity there.

What happens when you activate the Panic Alarm?

Our Monitoring Operators will follow a pre-determined Response Plan that has been setup for you and your team specifically. This will include a list of people to call if we cannot get hold of you and what action we should take should you require assistance. This may include a Panic Word so that they Police can be requested without anyone on your end of the Phone call being aware that you have requested help.